This blog post will show you on how to configure Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) for Nano Servers. S2D is a Microsoft’s version of software defined storage. The S2D is built upon failover clustering and will require an active directory. You can read more from here for more information.

Please note S2D is configured here using Nano Server VM is solely for proof of concept purposes. The actual S2D configuration is based on physical servers with 3 different types of storages, SAS hard disk for capacity storage, SAS solid state disk for performance storage and PCIe NVMe for caching storage.

The minimum servers to implement S2D is 2 but we will be using 4 to show the full features of S2D. The maximum storage efficiency achievable is 72.7% for hard disk + flash disk combination and 80% for an all flash array combination. You can read more from here for more information on S2D fault tolerance and configuration set.

[What do you need?]

  • 4x Nano Server VM
    • Hostname: NS1 to NS4
    • IP address: /24 to /24
  • 1x Server VM
    • Hostname: DC1
    • IP address: /24